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Crailloch Croft Holiday Cottages are close to four golf courses, view the map to locate us.Here’s a link to a Google map showing where we are and what’s in the area.

The map can be zoomed in and out and switched between terrain view, satellite view and map view.

You can print out directions to and from your location and ours. The map also shows local information such as supermarket, library, atm’s, tourist information and other notes.

We are about two miles out of Stranraer on the old Military Road from Portpatrick to Stranaer. We are close to Portpatrick and Dunskey golf courses in Portpatrick, the fantastic Stranraer Golf Course alongside Loch Ryan, and Lagganmore Golf Course too. There are restaurants in both Portpatrick and Stranraer, live entertainment and a large number of seasonal events taking place across and aroun d the Rhins of Galloway. We will be happy to advise you about local events and places to visit during your stay….

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